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Premiação UB515 2014.jpeg
UB2017 TERCEIRO DIA - Sergio Cordeiro (2

Sergio Cordeiro - BRAZIL/Rio de Janeiro/Magé

- Finalist of UB515 2016, 2015 and 2014;
- "
- Deca-Ironman World Challenge 2007 Champion;
- Silver Medal at the Deca-Ironman World Challenge 2010;
- Bronze Medal at the Deca-Ironman World Challenge 2012;
- 10 participations in the Ultraman World Championships and Ultraman Canada;
- Death Valley Marathon;
- Everest Marathon;
- 31 years of triathlon, one of the forerunners of the sport in Brazil.

Cory Foulk.jpg

Cory Foulk - UNITED STATES/Hawaii/Kailua-Kona - 56 years old

- World record holder for participation in Ultraman competitions, with 21 submissions;
- Third place at Ultraman Canada 2007;
- Finalist in 51 Ironman events;
- Ironman Revisited 2nd place overall, 2007;
- Finalist of 17 Ironman Hawaii World Championships. Second place in his age group in seven of these tests;
- Finalist of more than 50 marathons, with 30 sub 2:50 results;
- Finalist of more than 100 ultramarathons;
- Placed second overall at the Sri Chimnoy 24 hour North American Championships (ultramarathon);
- First placed at Place Malama Stage I, setting the record in the 100 km stage;
- First place at Place Malama Stage II, having set the record in the 100 km stage;
- Time of 11:14 for the triple marathon;
- Sub-12 hours for 82.3-mile ultramarathon;
- He has a degree in architecture and his specialty is the assessment of the impact of buildings and projects on the environment;
- He is the father of Gus, Bailey, Chance and is the grandfather of five children.

PB Carlos Paiva UB515 2014.jpg

Carlos Paiva – BRAZIL/São Paulo

- Finalist of 2 Ultraman World Championships (2008 and 2010);
5th place overall at the 2008 Ultraman World Championships, with a time of 24 hours and 27'.
- Finalist in 19 Ironman events;
- Finalist of 3 Ironman World Championships (Hawaii);
- Triathlon champion with Ironman Cabra da Peste and Mulher Guerreira de Fortaleza in 2004;
- 25 years of Triathlon.

PB Vanuza Maciel 2014.jpg

Vanuza Maciel - BRAZIL/Curitiba - Paraná

- Triathlon and running technique;
- 23 years of participation in triathlon events;
- 4X Finalist at the Ultraman World Championships (Hawaii): 2nd place Women overall in 2011 and 3rd place Women overall in 2013;
- Finalist of 18 Ironman events, having 3 participations in the Ironman World Championships (Hawaii);
- 2 participations in El Cruce Columbia;
- Staff for UB515 2014: Juliana Bastos and Janaina Belém.

Luiz Rissatto.jpg

Luiz Rissato - BRAZIL/Paraná/Curitiba - 50 years

- 12 x Ironman finisher;
- 12 years of racing and triathlon;
- 30 marathons and 3 ultramarathons completed;
- Graduated in Electrical Engineering;
- Father of Ananda and Aron;
- Why I want to participate in UB515: "I'm fascinated by long-term competitions, where I can manage my body and thoughts. Short competitions don't appeal to me. I want to see my friends, members of the UB515 family."


Sebastião Muniz Falcão - BRAZIL/AL/Maceió

- Finisher Ironman Brazil 2013;
- Ironman Punta del Este - 5th place overall and 1st in age group 45/49;
- Father of Natássia, Mariana and Lucas;
- “This is a challenge only thought out and scheduled for 2015, but the opportunity arose, and it's now! I want to be an ultra triathlete!”

PB Marcio Soares da Silva UB515 2014.jpg

Marcio Soares da Silva - BRAZIL/AM/Manaus

- Graduated in Physical Education;
- Specialist in Exercise Physiology;
- College professor;
- Triathlon technician from Ctara (High Performance Center of the Amazon);
- Owner partner of Marcio Soares Sports sports consultancy;
- 25 years of triathlon practice;
- Finalist in 5 ironman tests;
- Finalist of Ecomotion (Adventure race);
- Finalist of the Jungle Marathon ultramarathon.

p&B 2019 01.jpg

Ivan Albano - BRAZIL - SP/Mogi Mirim

- Finalist in 26 Ironman events;
- 10 times TOP 10 in Ironman events;
- He coaches triathlon, running, cycling and swimming;
- He is married to Malu and David's father.

"I am entering the biggest challenge of my life to further motivate my students and the people who believe in me!"


Reinaldo "Tubarão" Bassit - BRAZIL/SP/Carapicuíba

- Vice Champion of BR 135 (2013);
- Vice Champion of 48 hours (2013);
- Vice Champion of the 24 Hours of Cycling (2006);
- Third place on Mountainbike 24 hours (2008);
- Ironman 2001 – 9:46h;
- Ironman 2011 - 9:56h.

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