ultratriathlete Paula Miotto

UB515 2017

photo by Sandra Guedes

UB2017 TERCEIRO DIA - Paula Miotto.jpg

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UB515 soundtrack

"Generate" - Erick Prydz

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Hop4Fun UB515  Energy Pilsner Special Edition, the Official Beer of the UB515 Brazil Ultra Triathlon | Ultraman Brazil

It is with immense joy that the UB515 welcomes Hop4Fun UB515 Energy Pilsner Special Edition from Hop4Fun Brewery, the brewery that celebrates sports and fun!


The culture of irreverence and euphoria present in extreme sports, cultural scenarios and good music.


Hop4Fun's proposal is to create unique recipes that make moments even more memorable. It sounds crazy, but all the excitement is transmitted hop by hop, from mixing to bottling.

When enjoying a Hop4Fun you will feel in each sip a unique joy and adultescence.

With the Hop4Fun UB515 Energy Pilsner Hop4Fun once again innovates and reinforces its commitment to supporting the sport, becoming the first brewery in the world to create a label for a triathlon event.

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Hop4Fun fundo preto.png