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For UB515 Brasil Ultra Triathlon | Ultraman Brasil triathlon is a means to something bigger and not an end in itself.

We understand that this "means" is a resignification above all of what humility is.


The purpose of UB is to generate a memorable personal experience in the athlete and that this experience reverberates over time and leaves a legacy beyond a sporting achievement, but also positively influencing his fraternal, family and professional context.

Like triathlon, we understand that UB is only an instrument for this purpose.

We know that swimming 10 km, cycling 421 km and running 84.4 km is an epic and challenging experience, but we also know that with humility, focus, training and above all with an agreement with the family the athlete can complete the 515 km that , we hope, will transform your life forever.

Based on the values ​​ALOHA, OHANA and KOKUA the motto "live the journey, be humble" seeks to summarize exactly the journey and the purpose of the pilgrimage: to live the experience and be humble.

The "Ohana" icon symbolically seeks to represent everything written above:





The central - larger circle - represents ohana, the UB515 family and Ohana Kahi.


The slightly smaller four circles are the new members of ohana who connect to the central circle through aloha, ohana and kokua.

The three smaller circles on the right are the future members of ohana, not yet directly linked to the central circle. They also represent the graphic sign ellipsis, meaning something to be completed and of continuity; the continued arrival of new members.


Live the journey, be humble.


Live ohana curvas_Prancheta 1 (1).png
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