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UB515 Year Nine | 2022

Applications and Regulation

photo by Sandra Guedes

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Thank you very much for your interest in the UB515 Brasil Ultra Triathlon - South American Ultra Distance Triathlon Championship.


The application period for the Year Eight Edition is now open | 2021.


If you want to apply, it is very important to read carefully the documents REGULATION and APPLICATION FORM and the RESPONSIBILITY TERM of the event.

Please click on the images below to download the two documents:




1. Do not mischaracterize the form by breaking the pdf of the file to be filled in by typing. It must be completed by hand.

2. Paste a recent 3x4 photo in the specified space.

3. Answer all questions in the spaces provided. Put concise and relevant information. Attach additional pages if necessary. Please include photographs, official results and copies of official finisher certificates for question number two of the form.

4. Recognize your signature and that of two witnesses in the registry office and record them on the document. Attention: applications will not be accepted without recognition of the candidate's firms and two witnesses, totaling three recognitions of firms.

5. Send a scanned copy of the completed form (with attachments) to the email and the original printed form with the three recognized companies to the address UB515 Brasil Ultra Trathlon - South American Ultra Distance Championship - Rua Von Martius, 325, Conjunto 505, Jardim Botânico - Rio de Janeiro - RJ - CEP: 22.460-040 - BRAZIL.

6. Along with the scanned copy of the form, send a high-resolution photo of yourself. If you accept your photo application, along with your information, you will compose your profile on the test website.

7. Please wait for a contact from the organization.

8. The value of the registration fee is one thousand three hundred and twenty dollars, which must be paid only after the athlete's application is approved by the organization. Brazilian athletes can pay the fee up to twelve times through PagSeguro, adding the fees and fees charged by PagSeguro.

Again, thank you very much for your interest in the UB515 Brasil Ultra Triathlon - South American Ultra Distance Championship.

Live the journey, be humble.

Aloha. Ohana. Kokua.

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