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UB2017 TERCEIRO DIA - Sergio Cordeiro (2

Sergio Cordeiro - BRAZIL/Rio de Janeiro/Magé - 66 years old

- UB515 2019, 2015 and 2014;
- Erdinger Alkohofrei UB515 2018; 2017 and 2016;
- Deca Ironman 2019;
- Aquatic Marathon 2019;
- 1,000 km of the 2018 Brazil Race;
- Ultramarathon 300 km 2017;
- Deca-Ironman World Challenge 2007 Champion;
- Silver Medal at the Deca-Ironman World Challenge 2010;
- Bronze Medal at the Deca-Ironman World Challenge 2012;
- 10 participations in the Ultraman World Championships and Ultraman Canada;
- Death Valley Marathon;
- Everest Marathon;
- ;
- Numerous sports competitions with the most varied distances, with an emphasis on ultra-distances;
- 35 years of triathlon, one of the forerunners of the sport in Brazil.

Cory Foulk.jpg

CORY FOULK - UNITED STATES/Hawaii/Kailua-Kona - 59 years old

- Participant of UB515 2016, 2015 and 2014;
- World record holder for participation in Ultraman competitions, with 21 submissions;
- Third place at Ultraman Canada 2007;
- Finalist in 51 Ironman events;
- Ironman Revisited 2nd place overall, 2007;
- Finalist of 17 Ironman Hawaii World Championships. Second place in his age group in seven of these tests;
- Finalist of more than 50 marathons, with 30 sub 2:50 results;
- Finalist of more than 100 ultramarathons;
- Placed second overall at the Sri Chimnoy 24 hour North American Championships (ultramarathon);
- First placed at Place Malama Stage I, setting the record in the 100 km stage;
- First place at Place Malama Stage II, having set the record in the 100 km stage; - Time of 11:14 for the triple marathon;
- Sub-12 hours for 82.3-mile ultramarathon;
- He has a degree in architecture and his specialty is the assessment of the impact of buildings and projects on the environment;
- He is the father of Gus, Bailey, Chance and is the grandfather of five children.


Reinaldo “Tubarão” Bassit – BRAZIL/SÃO PAULO/Carapicuíba – 50 years old

- UB515 2016, 2015 and 2014;
- Champion of the 2014 Anjos Ultramarathon - 235km - 35hs 53min;
- Fourth placed in Ultramarathon BR135 2014 - 217km - 28hs;
- Second place overall at Erdinger Alkoholfrei UB515 Brazil Ultra Triathlon 2014; - Vice-champion of the 2013 BR135 Ultramarathon - 217km;
- Vice Champion of the 48 hours 2013;
- Vice Champion of the 24 hours of Cycling 2006;
- Third place in Mountainbike 24 hours 2008;
- Ironman 2001 – 9:46h;
- Ironman 2011 - 9:56h;
- Ultramarathon Bertioga-Maresias 75km;
- Why you want to participate in the UB515: “The UB515 is not a simple test of endurance and physical strength. The UB515 is a life lesson where we learn the meaning of the words humility, friendship, partnership, patience, perseverance, solidarity and love. It is a test where we can find what belongs to us and that, sometimes, we forget that it exists in us… Our own soul”.

UB2017 TERCEIRO DIA - Marcos Dantas.jpg

Marcos Dantas – BRAZIL/Rio de Janeiro/Rio de Janeiro – 46 years old

-6X Ironman finisher;
-Erdinger Alkoholfrei UB515 2015;
-Director of Media at Erdinger Alkoholfrei;
-Ironman World Championships;
-Ultramarathon of the Marines 2009 – 164km;
-Why do you want to participate in UB515: “I wish a new sporting challenge for my life”.

UB2017 TERCEIRO DIA - Rodrigo Tosta.jpg

Rodrigo Tosta - BRAZIL/Rio de Janeiro/Petrópolis - 39 years old

- 10 x Ironman Finisher;
- 9 x 70.3 Finisher;
- Ironman 70.3 World Championship 2010;
- Rio Marathon 2005 and 2012;
- Why you want to participate in UB515: "It will be an opportunity to get together with many friends, family and nature. Test the limits of my body and mind and celebrate a new phase in my life!"

UB2017 TERCEIRO DIA - Edwin Luz.jpg

Edwin Francisco Lima da Luz - BRAZIL /Alagoas /Maceió - 38 years old

- Ironman Fortaleza 2014;
- Ironman Brazil 2013;
- Ironman Brazil 2012;
- Challenge Maceió 2015;
- Ironman 70.3 Foz do Iguaçu 2014;
- Challenge of the Beaches - Race;
- All triathlon events (medium and short distance) in Alagoas;
- March to combat – 160 km;
- Vacancy for the triathlon world championship in France;
- Why do you want to participate in UB515: “Seven years serving my country, several missions, moments where I could only count on myself and the warriors who were shoulder to shoulder with me... Getting a place for this test means challenge, self-knowledge and desire to fulfill this mission! I will be side by side with warriors who above all are humble, disciplined and strong (physically and mentally). Learn from them before, during and after the race. And in the end win the Hawaiian Beads Plate and Necklace. Being Ultraman is not just about crossing the finish line, being Ultraman is about being a warrior of the soul.”

UB2017 TERCEIRO DIA - Alexandre Fontenel

Alexandre Fontenelle Ribeiro de Oliveira - BRAZIL/Rio de Janeiro/Rio de Janeiro - 45 years old

- Erdinger Alkoholfrei UB515 2016;
- Erdinger Alkoholfrei UB515 2015;
- Ironman Brazil 2016;
- Ironman Brazil 2015;
- Ironman 70.3 Rio de Janeiro 2015;
- Ironman Brazil 2014;
- Ironman Brazil 2013;
- Other triathlon tests 140.6.

UB2017 TERCEIRO DIA - Cesar Miguel Momes

Cesar Miguel Momesso dos Santos – BRAZIL/São Paulo/São Paulo - 32 years old

- GP Extreme Endurance Triathlon Damha – 1.00mts/100km/10km 5h18 (2013);
- Ironman- 11:09 am (2013);
- Bertioga Maresias Ultramarathon – 75km 6h05 (2013);
- GP Extreme Endurance Triathlon Damha- 1.000mts/100km/10km 4h13 (2014);
- Soloman Mountain Ultramarathon (2014);
- Wings For Life Word Run – Florianópolis (2014);
- São Paulo Marathon (2014);
- Water crossing 14 Bis – 24Km (2014);
- Bigode Grosso 100km Race Challenge;
- GP Extreme Endurance Triathlon Damha- 1.000mts/100km/10km 4h23 (2015);
- Wings For Life Word Run – Takashima (2015);
- Engadin Swim Run 2015;
- Why you want to participate in UB515: "The spirit of this race is something unique. The well-being I felt during last year's race, I want to feel it again in 2017. And the Staff team is as excited to do it again as I am!" .

UB2017 TERCEIRO DIA - Anderson Lira.jpg

Anderson Lira Dias – BRAZIL/Ceará/Fortaleza - 44 years old

- Erdinger Alkoholfrei UB515 2016;
- Ironman Brazil 2014;
- Ironman Brasil 2014 Floripa;
- Ironman Brazil 2014 Fortaleza;
- Ironman 70.3 2014 Brasilia;
- Ironman Floripa 2005;
- 24h swimming - Military Circle Team;
- Challenge 24h – Cycling Fortaleza;
- Extra Distance 800k double (3rd place);
- Why do you want to participate in UB515: "To challenge my physical and mental limits in search of spiritual evolution and improve my daily life. Because last year I participated in an old dream of mine. A test with familiar concepts, and unique treatment in our my 16 years in the sport, never seen. As this is a family event, this year I want to fulfill a shared dream of finishing the UB515 with the company of my son during the race".

UB2017 PRIMEIRO DIA - Alessandro Mucknik

Alessandro Alpha Mucknika - BRAZIL/São Paulo/Piedade - 54 years old

- Erdinger Alkoholfrei UB515 2016;
- Ultraman Florida 2015;
- 2015 Comrades Marathon;
- Cycled 1,700km without “solo ride” support between Cape Towns and Pietermaritzburg in nine days until one day before Comrades;
- Ironman Brazil 2013;
- Why do you want to participate in UB515: “Since I was a child I've always been physically fit for sports that require physical endurance and not explosion/speed. I want to participate in UB515 in order to explore my physical and mental limits, as well as enjoy the camaraderie and spirit of unity among the participating athletes”.

UB2017 TERCEIRO DIA - Sergio Bassichetto

Sergio Bassichetto - BRAZIL/São Paulo/Arujá - 49 years old

- Erdinger Alkoholfrei UB515 2016;
- Ironman Brasil Florianópolis 2014;
- Ironman Brazil Fortaleza 2014;
- Triatanium Triathlon Espírito Santo 2015;
- Why do you want to participate in the UB515: "It's the type of event where I've identified myself the most, in longer and challenging distances, in addition to the team spirit and camaraderie in these events. I want to participate in the event: to bring the name of the whole family to a higher level in the sport, making a dream come true, overcoming and evolving in the distances of triathlon".

UB2017 TERCEIRO DIA - Sergio

Sérgio Meniconi – BRAZIL/São Paulo/São Paulo – 51 years old

- Erdinger Alkoholfrei UB515 2015;
- Ultraman World Championships 2013;
- Ultraman Canada 2011;
- Ultramarathon Bertioga/Maresias 2015;
- Other triathlon tests 140.6.

UB2017 TERCEIRO DIA - Fred Alves.jpg

Fred Alves - BRAZIL/São Paulo/Americana - 41 years old

- UB515 2016;
- Ironman Brazil 2014;
- Ironman Brazil 2013;
- Ironman Brazil 2012;
- Ironman Cozumel 2012;
- Ironman Brazil 2011;
- Ironman Brazil 2010;
- Why do you want to participate in UB515: "I started cycling in 1989 at the city's cycling school. In the 90's I participated in some long races such as around the coast of Paraná and around Santa Catarina, and I ended up identifying myself with long races. I wish to participate for two reasons: for the encouragement and support of fellow triathlete Paulo Calil, who has already completed some Ultraman, and the second wish is to be able to participate alongside the legends that I followed through Bicispoint in the 90s, Alexandre Ribeiro and Sergio Cordeiro" .

UB2017 TERCEIRO DIA - Paula Miotto.jpg

Paula Miotto - BRAZIL/Espírito Santo/Vitória - 39 years old

- 3X IM Finisher;
- 3X World Long Distance (4/120/30);
- 16 x 70.3/Long Distance;
- Why do you want to participate in UB515: "I like the challenge. I like long distances because I can keep a steady pace, I like it and I only train alone, I don't get tired in long workouts and I have a quick recovery. I'm very interested in Ultra because I'm above. above all, a personal challenge that works a lot on our psychological, us against ourselves".

UB2017 TERCEIRO DIA - Rosecler Costa.jpg

Rosecler Oliveira Amorim da Costa - BRAZIL/São Paulo/Santos - 39 years old

- “Countless water crossings, 6 hours of cycling Caixa/individual category and numerous hiking competitions.”;
- "I've been practicing Triathlon for 20 years and I've always been passionate about long distance events, I believe they are challenging. I want to participate in UB515 as I have already participated in several IM and I want new challenges."

UB2017 TERCEIRO DIA - Alexandre Constant

Alexandre Constantino de Almeida - BRAZIL/Paraná/Curitiba - 36 years old

- Ironman Brazil 2015;
- Ironman Brazil 2016;
- UltraMarathon Morretes-Guaraqueçaba 80KM 2016;
- 2015 Curitiba Marathon;
- TH3 2016 – Caioba - (Half Iron);
- Why do you want to participate in the UB515: “I started cycling when I was 16 years old in Morretes (distance of 120 km), since then I've always liked doing long pedals. I was stopped for a while due to life circumstances, but in 2014 seeing an IRONMAN race I went back to training and after completing the race I became even more passionate about endurance. I made it my goal to one day do an Ultraman test. I've been following it since 2014 too. I believe I have a good base to train for this great challenge. In addition to identifying a lot with the type of competition, the challenge, the friendship and making the dream come true."

UB2017 TERCEIRO DIA - Carlos Eduardo Sen

Carlos Eduardo de Barros Sene - BRAZIL/São Paulo/Ubatuba - 42 years old

- IRONMAN BRASIL 2006 and 2009;
- Xterra World Championship 2008;
- EMA – Atlantic Forest Expedition 2008;
- Endurance Challenge Agulhas Negras 2015;
- Xterra Endurance 50k 2015;
- KTR Passa Quatro 53km 2016;
- KTR Campos do Jordão 42km 2016;
- Why do you want to participate in the UB515: "Time in effort is my fuel. The longer and lasts the competition, the better I feel. This competition, in particular, I believe is more than a triathlon, it's a test of overcoming difficulties However, the biggest challenge for most athletes will be the mind. I believe my mind is prepared."

UB2017 TERCEIRO DIA - Carlos Alberto Mor

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Moraes - Brazil/Santa Catarina/Camboriú - 50 years

- Challenge 52 km 2015;
- Marathon in Florianópolis 2015;
- Mizuno Uphill 2014;
- IM Brasil Florianópolis 2013 and 2012;
- IM Cozumel 2012;
- Why do you want to participate in UB515: "Because ultra-distance sports are the ones that give me the most pleasure. I've been wanting to participate in this event since its first year in Brazil".

p&B 2019 16.jpg

Daniel Queiroz Marques da Cruz France - BRAZIL/Piauí/Teresina - 42 years old

- Most of my achievements are personal: long pedal trips; all Ironmans completed; as well as the Ironmans, being the first Ironman in 1993, in Porto Seguro; in the same year I ran one of the most amazing races I've ever done in the middle of Marisia 1993, where Alexandre Ribeiro broke the chain in the Serra and then won the race so he went to Hawaii to make the best time in history, until today if I don't. mistake.... I was Piauí champion of Cycling - road, in 2015;
- Why do you want to participate in UB515: “Since I was a teenager I like to challenge my limits. That's why I started to practice Triathlon, as a challenge. At the age of seventeen, I decided to do my first half Ironman in Porto Seguro, 1993. I was very happy to have completed the race in third place in my category and to be on the podium, which made my passion for long-distance sports grow even more. Regarding the event, I have been following Alexandre Ribeiro for many years and I always wanted to participate in a competition like this, but access was very difficult. Now with the test being held in Brazil, with my stable situation, good health and training for long distances up to date, I feel that I am able to participate and complete the test. The biggest reason to participate is to test my limit and try to find the spirit of friendship and family that existed in Triathlons of the 90s and that no longer exists."

UB2017 TERCEIRO DIA - Edson Maisonnette.

Edson Maisonnette Júnior - BRAZIL/Rio de Janeiro/Niterói - 37 years old

- X-Terra Mangaratibá 2013, 5th place overall;
- El Gruce 2014, 15th overall (doubles);
- Qualified for the World IM 70.3 (Australia) 2016;
- Vice Championship in the Triathlete category - Desafios de Mares 2013;
- Why do you want to participate in UB515: "Long distance sports, in my opinion, are much more than a test of physical and mental endurance. They provide you with experiences and friendships that the athlete certainly brings to life. Move forward when everything seems contrary, reversing completely adverse situations, knowing how to dose energy are some examples. The UB515, in particular, I have observed since the 1st edition. For 2 consecutive years I thought about sending this application, but only this year, after talking a lot with my coach and friends who have already run the race, I feel motivated to do that. Much more than the distance, I feel attracted to a job where the spirit of friendship and companionship is noticeable even at a distance."

UB2017 TERCEIRO DIA - Emerson Betta.jpg

Emerson de Paula Betta - BRAZIL/Rio de Janeiro/Rio de Janeiro - 44 years old

- Travessias Trail with stairs and trails between Itatiaia/Rio de Janeiro and Maromba/Minas Gerais in the Itatiaia National Park in 03 opportunities (1986/87/88);
- 1/2 Ironman: USP 2000, Penha/SC 2012 and Rio de Janeiro 2015;
- Marathon Pro Adidas Rio de Janeiro 2012;
- 11 half marathons in Rio de Janeiro;
- Why do you want to participate in UB515: "Sport has always been something that has helped me to build a healthy and balanced life and has brought me discipline. It provides an environment of contact with nature and will bring good examples to my children Vinícius (14 years old) and Mayara (6 years old). Participating in UB515 - 2017 is the opportunity to challenge and use the mental strength we have, and rescue a little of the old spirit of adventure and challenge of long distances in Triathlon".

UB2017 TERCEIRO DIA - Jair Avansi.jpg

Jair Aparecido Avansi – BRAZIL/PARANÁ/Curitiba – 49 years old

- Participated in half Iron Foz do Iguaçu / 2015, Challenge Florianópolis 2015;
- Why you want to participate in UB515: "I love Triathlon, and the long distance / Ultra event is even more stimulating and exciting. The thought of taking a long distance event, which lasts for more than a day, makes the body and head imagine the need for self-control, registration and persistence, of the variables that can occur at this time and how to overcome them. In short, pure enthusiasm, adrenaline".

UB2017 TERCEIRO DIA - Jonathan Silva.jpg

Jonathan da Silva (Zinho) BRAZIL/Paraná/Curitiba - 35 years old

- Finalist of the Paraná ultra 12h 2x;
- Finalist of Brasil 135 Ultramarathon 2014;
- Ultramarathon Bertioga-Maresias 75 km;
- Ultramarathon Morretes-Guaraqueçaba 105 km;
- Ironman Brazil 2015 - 9:42 am;
- Ironman Brazil 2016 - 9:58 am;
- Why do you want to participate in UB515: "I've always liked great challenges and as I started doing tests like these of long duration, there was also a demand for new challenges... this was increasing every day and when I had the opportunity to knowing UB515 as captain of the athlete João Claudio Schena's team, I just confirmed what I already knew".

UB2017 TERCEIRO DIA - Peterson Lira.jpg

Peterson Nunes Lira – BRAZIL/CEARÁ/Fortaleza – 25 years old

- “I see in these distances an internal competition where not only the physical matters, but the intelligence and the overcoming power speak louder. The desire to participate in UB515 became a reality this year after being my father's Staff. In 2017 I want to cross that third day with him.”;
- Why you want to participate in UB515: "Just a dream to complete UB515 2017 with my father".

UB2017 TERCEIRO DIA - Ricelli Cunha.jpg

Ricelli Ricardo Cunha - BRAZIL/Itajaí/Santa Catarina - 30 years

- 2 x Ironman Finisher - Personal record of 9:29;
- 3 x Mizuno Uphill;
- 4 x Urubici Cooling 52 km;
- 2 x Macuco Aquatic Marathon 8 km;
- 5 x Distance 70.3;
- 2 x GP Extreme;
- Florianópolis International Marathon - Personal record 2:56.

UB2017 TERCEIRO DIA - Rodrigo Vasconcell

Rodrigo Vasconcellos – BRAZIL/SÃO PAULO/São Paulo – 41 years old

- 9x IM Finisher;
- 1x Challenge Roth (2012);
- Race Across America (2008);
- 2x Cape Epic MTB (2010/2011);
- Brazil Ride MTB (2015);
- 2x North Face Endurance 50 km Ilhabela (2013/2014);
- Maresias-Bertioga Marathon 75 km Solo;
- 5x Marathon Finisher;
- Extra Distance 800 km (2005);
- Why you want to participate in UB515: "For the pleasure and physical and mental challenges. I'm passionate about long distance."


Sidnei Valençola - BRAZIL/Minas Gerais/Bom Despacho - 52 years old

- “Lately, as the desires are for long distance events, I can say that the 5 times to Aparecida - SP, from my city, +or- 650 km, + the trip to Paraty - RJ, via Cunha - SP in 4 days; the 200 km Audax (2); 1 of 300 km and I will do the 400 km in Divinópolis - MG, they were great achievements”;
- Why do you want to participate in UB515: "There are few lines to describe an entire experience. But, I identified myself with another event that makes us get involved. Focus more. Have more self-control. And the goals increase as you go. strengthens and grows. I think I'm more qualified and prepared today than when I started about 10 years ago. Evolution."

UB2017 TERCEIRO DIA - Douglas Campos.jpg

Douglas Campos – BRAZIL/Santa Catarina/Florianópolis – 40 years

- Ironman Brazil 2013;
- Ironman Brazil 2014;
- Ironman Brazil 2015;
- TH3 Caiobá 2013;
- TH3 Caiobá 2016;
- Indomit 100km Emerald Coast 2015;
- Return to Florianópolis Island 140km 2015 ;
- Mizuno UpHill Marathon 2014;
- More than 10 marathons and half marathons;
- Among other short distance competitions in triathlon;
- "I've been following the UB515 since its first edition. And this race has always moved me, both for the challenge and the magic it offers. I like great challenges, and participating in UB515 will be one of those great challenges of the sport that I'll take to my life whole". More skilled and prepared today than when I started 10 years ago. Evolution".

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