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Aloha. Ohana. Kokua.

Welcome and thank you for accessing the UB515 Brasil Ultra Triathlon - South American Ultra Distance Triathlon Championship website


The UB515 Brasil Ultra Triathlon | Ultraman Brasil is an athletic odyssey that will take its participants to a level of self-knowledge rarely experienced in their lives.


With a total of 515 km, the event is an ultra-distance triathlon that will require its athletes to complete a 10 km swimming, 421 km cycling and 84.4 km running course.


The eighth edition of the UB515 Brasil Ultra Triathlon | Ultraman Brasil will take place between April 30 and May 2, 2021.


Candidates for participants in the UB515 Brasil Ultra Triathlon | Ultraman Brasil must necessarily have completed, in up to 18 months, a race with Ultraman, Ironman distances or have accomplished an athletic achievement such as ultramarathons, cycling laps or other challenging sporting events.


The race directors also look for "something more" in the candidates - other elements besides simply the search for an athletic challenge -, which each year generates a unique group of participants. So, if you want to apply, make it very clear what are the reasons that are motivating you to participate.


The participation of athletes in the event will only be by invitation of the organization.


For more information on applying for participation, please contact us via email


This is a unique event, whose main values are overcoming, simplicity, solidarity, companionship and courtesy, values represented by the Hawaiian words ALOHA (Love), OHANA (Family) and KOKUA (Solidarity).

Curtis Tyler
Honorary Race Director
UB515 Brazil Ultra Triathlon 2017 and 2018
Creator of Ultraman Hawaii
photo by Sandra Guedes
Curtis Tyler.jpg

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