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UB2017 TERCEIRO DIA - Sergio Cordeiro (2

Sergio Cordeiro - BRAZIL/Rio de Janeiro/Magé

- Finalist of UB515 2016, 2015 and 2014;
- "
- Deca-Ironman World Challenge 2007 Champion;
- Silver Medal at the Deca-Ironman World Challenge 2010;
- Bronze Medal at the Deca-Ironman World Challenge 2012;
- 10 participations in the Ultraman World Championships and Ultraman Canada;
- Death Valley Marathon;
- Everest Marathon;
- 31 years of triathlon, one of the forerunners of the sport in Brazil.

Cory Foulk.jpg

Cory Foulk UNITED STATES/Hawaii/Kailua-Kona - 59 years old

- Participant of UB515 2016, 2015 and 2014;
- World record holder for participation in Ultraman competitions, with 21 submissions;
- Third place at Ultraman Canada 2007;
- Finalist in 51 Ironman events;
- Ironman Revisited 2nd place overall, 2007;
- Finalist of 17 Ironman Hawaii World Championships. Second place in his age group in seven of these tests;
- Finalist of more than 50 marathons, with 30 sub 2:50 results;
- Finalist of more than 100 ultramarathons;
- Placed second overall at the Sri Chimnoy 24 hour North American Championships (ultramarathon);
- First placed at Place Malama Stage I, setting the record in the 100 km stage;
- First place at Place Malama Stage II, having set the record in the 100 km stage; - Time of 11:14 for the triple marathon;
- Sub-12 hours for 82.3-mile ultramarathon;
- He has a degree in architecture and his specialty is the assessment of the impact of buildings and projects on the environment;
- He is the father of Gus, Bailey, Chance and is the grandfather of five children.

p&B 2019 01.jpg

Ivan Roberto de Campos Albano Junior – 41 years old – Mogi Mirim/ SP, BRAZIL.

- Bi-champion of UB515: 2015 and 2014;
- 26 Ironman, five in the Hawaii World Cup;
- Because you want to participate in UB515: “Passion”.


Reinaldo "Tubarão" Abunasser Bassit and Gabriel – 49 years old – Carapicuíba/ SP/ BRASIL

- Vice-champion of UB515 2015 and 2014;
- Champion of the 2014 Anjos Ultramarathon - 235km - 35hs 53min;
- Fourth placed in Ultramarathon BR135 2014 - 217km - 28hs;
- Second place overall at Erdinger Alkoholfrei UB515 Brazil Ultra Triathlon 2014;
- Vice-champion of the 2013 BR135 Ultramarathon - 217km;
- Vice Champion of the 48 hours 2013;
- Vice Champion of the 24 hours of Cycling 2006;
- Third place in Mountainbike 24 hours 2008;
- Ironman 2001 – 9:46h;
- Ironman 2011 - 9:56h;
- Ultramarathon Bertioga-Maresias 75km;
- Because he wants to participate in UB515: "I've been doing this as a routine for 10 years. Because that's what I love doing".

Luiz Rissatto.jpg

Luiz Rissato - BRAZIL/Paraná/Curitiba - 48 years old

- Timing Director of UB515 2015;
- UB515 2014 finisher;
- Finalist of 8 Ironman events;
- 10 years of racing and triathlon;
- 30 marathons and 3 ultramarathons completed;
- Graduated in Electrical Engineering;
- Father of Ananda and Aron;
Why I want to participate in UB515: "I'm fascinated by long-term exams, where I can manage my body and thoughts. Short exams don't appeal to me. I want to see my friends, members of the UB515 family."

PB Milton Maciel UB515 2016 3.jpg

Milton Augusto Maciel de Souza – 41 years old – Rio de Janeiro/RJ

- Ultraman Hawaii;
- 50 km XC Run Itaipava race;
- Because he wants to participate in UB515: "This distance is a big challenge".

PB Paulo Salgueiro UB515 2016.jpg

Paulo Antonio Salgueiro Pereira – BRAZIL/ALAGOAS/Maceió – 46 years old

- Finisher UB515 2015;
- Ironman Brazil finisher;
- Race finisher conquerors;
- 24 Hour Swimming – Alagoas Fire Department;
- Why do you want to participate in UB515: “I've been thinking about this challenge for a long time.”;
- Father of Ana Julia and Ana Teresa.

p&B 2019 27.jpg

Alex Correia Pinheiro – 36 years old – Pilar/Alagoas/BRAZIL

- UB515/2015;
- Ironman Brazil 2013;
- Long distance to Fortaleza;
- Long Distance João Pessoa;
- Because you want to participate in UB515: "Realization of a dream, overcoming and personal challenge".

UB2017 TERCEIRO DIA - Alexandre Fontenel

Alexandre Fontenelle Ribeiro de Oliveira

- Finisher UB515 2015;
- Ironman Brazil 2015, 2014 and 2013.

UB2017 PRIMEIRO DIA - Alessandro Mucknik

Alessandro Alpha Mucknika – 52 years old – Piedade/SP/BRAZIL

- Ultraman Florida 2015;
- 2015 Comrades Marathon;
- Cycled 1,700km without “solo ride” support between Cape Towns and Pietermaritzburg in nine days until one day before Comrades;
- Ironman Brazil 2013;
- Because I want to participate in UB515: “Since I was a child I've always been physically fit for sports that require physical resistance and not explosion/speed. I want to participate in UB515 to be able to explore my physical and mental limits and enjoy the camaraderie and spirit of unity among the participating athletes”.

PB Cleyton Anderson UB515 2016.jpg

Cleyton Anderson de Souza – 35 years old – Itapema/ Santa Catarina/ BRAZIL

- Ironman Brazil – 2014;
- 24-hour Ultramarathon – Campinas – 2012;
- El Cruce De Los Andes 104 km / Mountains - 2015;
- Ultra dos Anjos 135 Hard/ To be performed – July;
- Because I want to participate in UB515: "I participate in Ultras for lifestyle, for making me reflect on the life and values ​​that we end up putting aside on a daily basis, I want to participate in Ultraman Brasil, because I believe it will be the biggest challenge of my About normal life outside Triathlon, I am married, I have 02 children, a businessman, I share my life dedicating myself between family, business and the sport Triathlon, which is my passion, I met Alexandre Ribeiro in Miami at Ironman and motivated me to try the challenge, today I'm coached by Ironman Brazil's four-time champion, Argentine Eduardo Sturla. And never give up".

PB Alessandro Medeiros UB515 2016.jpg

Alessandro Silva de Medeiros – 45 years old – Cliffside Park/ New Jersey/ USA

- Ironman Cozumel;
- 3x 50Km Trail Run, Staten Island, NY;
- 2x 80Km Trail Run, The North Face Endurance Challenge, Bear Mountain, NY;
- 7x Ironman 70.3 Finisher
- 1x Grand Fondo NY 100miles bike;
- Ironman 70.3 Eagleman – June(finisher)25 place in the category;
- Ironman 70.3 Timberman – August;
- Ironman Maryland – October;
- Ultramarathon 80km, San Francisco, CA – December;
- Because he wants to participate in UB515: "The Ultras complete me completely, it's a mix of inner peace and personal challenge".

PB Pedro Paes UB515 2016.jpg

Pedro de Araújo Paes Filho – 33 years old – Maceió/ Alagoas/ BRAZIL

- Ironman Brazil – 2015 – 226.2kms;
- Ironman Brazil 2014;
- Long Distance Paraíba 2013-05:14:28 – 3000/80/20 km;
- Because you want to participate in UB515: "For lifestyle, I found my passion in Triathlon, and in long-distance competition an identity, I want to participate in UB515 2016, because I was Staff in 2015, and I saw that the spirit of the race and unity between athletes and magic, as I'm a good firefighter and work helping others, this test identifies with me, in addition to physical and psychological overcoming."

PB Tales UB515 2016.jpg

Tales Camargo Galbler – 36 years old – Paraty/RJ/BRAZIL

- Ironman Lanzarote 2013;
- In the last six months, two 50 km races;
- 1st - 75 km;
- 421 km – 5 Triathlon races at XTerra (being the 1st in the ranking);
- 1st place – Ubatuba Mountain Races;
- 1st place Bertioga Maresias 75 km, time 6:00:57;
- 1st in the ranking of XTerra category 35/39;
- Because he wants to participate in UB515: "I've been living in Parati for two years and the facility to train out of my door makes it easier to look for bigger challenges".

UB2017 TERCEIRO DIA - Sergio Bassichetto

Sergio Bassichetto – 48 years old – Arujá/ SP/ BRAZIL

- Ironman Brasil Florianópolis 2014;
- Ironman Brazil Fortaleza 2014;
- C Triatanium Triathlon Espírito Santo 2015;
- Because I want to participate in the UB515: "It's the type of event where I've identified myself the most, in longer and challenging distances, in addition to the team spirit and camaraderie in these events. I want to participate in the event: to bring the name of the whole family to a superior level in the sport, making a dream come true, overcoming and evolving in the distances of triathlon".

UB2017 TERCEIRO DIA - Anderson Lira.jpg

Anderson Lira Dias – 43 years old – Fortaleza/ Ceará/ BRAZIL

- Ironman Brazil 2014;
- Ironman Brasil 2014 Floripa;
- Ironman Brazil 2014 Fortaleza;
- Ironman 70.3 2014 Brasilia;
- Ironman Floripa 2005;
- 24h swimming - Military Circle Team;
- Challenge 24h – Cycling Fortaleza;
- Extra Distance 800k double (3rd place);
- Because he wants to participate in the UB515: "I identify with the overcoming and challenges arising from this sport, carried out in Brazil, made the dream viable and closer to being fulfilled".

PB Andre Correa UB515 2016 2.jpg

André Luis Lima Correia – 42 years old – Aquiraz/Ceará/ BRAZIL

- Ironman Fortaleza 2014;
- ¹/2 Fortaleza Marathon 21 km (2015);
- Challenge 50km from Chapada do Araripe (2015);
- Brazilian Long Distance Championship (Cumbuco-CE)(2015) 110km(3000m Swimming/ 80km Cycling/ 20Km Running);
- Ironman Brazil (Fortaleza)226.3Km (2014);
- “Goat of the Pest and Woman Warrior” 2013/ 112.9Km (1900 Swimming / 90km cycling / 21km running);
- Because I want to participate in UB515: "Despite all the sensations and emotions that emanate from performing a challenge of "biblical" magnitude as UB515, my experience and experience as a Triathlete in the last twenty years has taught me that in long distance competitions there is a principle It is essential to respect not only the difficulties of the test, but especially its distances. Therefore, regardless of the circumstances that will arise in the future in relation to my acceptance to take this test, I have already started my training with the sole purpose of completing it, since the physical preparation time for the UB515's colossal distances is essential, and time is gold. And that feeling is what characterizes the real challenge of taking an Ultraman test. I'm going in search of not really doing something amazing in my life , but to share it with those I love and meet extraordinary people who are part of the UB515 family, who for me are like heroes that one day, like me, will were going to take this incredible journey. I look for the sensations, emotions and learning that will come from the preparation. BECAUSE I KNOW THAT THE ENTIRE ESSENCE OF TRIATHLON resides there."

PB Arthur Molinari UB515 2016.jpg

Arthur Molinari Vido Coslovic Ruffato – 35 years old – São Caetano do Sul/ SP/ BRAZIL

- Ironman Florianopolis 2015;
- Ironman Fortaleza 2014;
- Ironman Florianopolis 2014;
- Long Distance Pirassununga 2013;
- 75Km Bertioga/ Maresias 2012 and 2013;
- Because he wants to participate in UB515: "For the freedom, for the pleasure of training free from intense fights against time, I have friends that I made in this family environment that distance brings and I intend to make more friends and competitions. Always with fun and smiles."

UB2017 TERCEIRO DIA - Cesar Miguel Momes

Cesar Miguel Momesso dos Santos – 31 years old – São Paulo/ SP/ BRAZIL

- GP Extreme Endurance Triathlon Damha – 1.00mts/100km/10km 5h18 (2013);
- Ironman- 11:09 am (2013);
- Bertioga Maresias Ultramarathon – 75km 6h05 (2013);
- GP Extreme Endurance Triathlon Damha- 1.000mts/100km/10km 4h13 (2014);
- Soloman Mountain Ultramarathon (2014);
- Wings For Life Word Run – Florianópolis (2014);
- São Paulo Marathon (2014);
- Water crossing 14 Bis – 24Km (2014);
- Bigode Grosso 100km Race Challenge;
- GP Extreme Endurance Triathlon Damha- 1.000mts/100km/10km 4h23 (2015);
- Wings For Life Word Run – Takashima (2015);
- Engadin Swim Run 2015;
- Why you want to participate in UB515: "Because you want to participate in UB515: I believe that being open to challenges that may seem insanity for many people, goes beyond the simple idea of overcoming and testing physical, emotional and mental limits. When we expose ourselves to more events. extremes, what matters most are not the material things, but the things that it is not possible to assign a value, such as friendship, because we never do anything alone, humility to recognize their limitations, solidarity to help others and especially love for the that it does to withstand the most difficult moments and keep going, because this is our decision and, therefore, we must accept the burden that comes from that decision".

PB Marco Rossi UB515 2016.jpg

Marco Antonio Rossi – 45 years old – Ribeirão Preto/ SP/ BRAZIL

- Ironman 2015 – 226 km;
- Volta Ilha in Florianópolis in a total pair of 150 km;
- Ultramarathon BR 135 in double 217 km total;
- Because he wants to participate in UB515: "I'm passionate about long distances. In fact, I don't see any other pleasure except in long races".

PB Schena UB515 2016.jpg

João Claudio Schena – 37 years old – Curitiba / PR / BRAZIL

- DASH113 – 113kms - 2013;
- Ironman Florianópolis – 226kms – 2014;
- Champion of the III Ultramarathon Morretes/Guaraqueçaba – 105kms - 2015;
- Because he wants to participate in the UB515: “I always liked the challenge, especially the endurance one, and since I started practicing endurance sports, I wanted to participate in an Ultraman event, and when I learned that our country would host an event of this magnitude , my desire to be part of UB515 only increased.”

p&B 2019 13.jpg

Josemar Oliveira Alves – 44 years old – Maceió/ Alagoas/ BRAZIL

- Ironman 2015 – 226 km;
- Round the Lagoon 53 km Run (07/06/2014) 2nd place in 4h10;
- Because he wants to participate in the UB515: "Because I identify with the dynamics and distance of the race, pure personal overcoming, I'm fascinated. I've been doing Ironman since 2006, in November in Fortaleza I'll complete 12 Ironmans".

PB Renato Abreu UB515 2016.jpg

Renato de Abreu Freitas – 41 years old – Ilhabela/ SP/ BRAZIL

- Ironman 2015 – 226kms;
- Abu Dabhi Triathlon Long Distance;
- 2x crossing of the Ilhabela channel;
- 3x Finisher x Terra Ilhabela;
- 6x Finisher Ironman (Fortaleza – Melbourne – Florianopolis);
- Because he wants to participate in UB515: "I believe that overcoming difficulties is the fact that comes to celebrate life".

PB Flavinho UB515 2016 2.jpg

Flavio Neves Bittencourt de Sá – 52 years old – Brasília / DF / BRAZIL

- Race: 2011, 2012 – Comrades and Cruce dos Andes;
- Swimming: 2009 - 24km (Canal Bertioga), and 10km, Rio Negro;
- Comrades Ultramarathon – 2011 – 87km – South Africa nº 14753 – time 11h42m;
- Vila do Farol K42 Adventure Marathon – 2011 – Solo – 6h54m;
- El Cruce Columbia y Cham Race (Vulcon Rumbo) – 2012 – three days of nine race 34.7; 40.3 and 29km – nº 570;
- 14 Bis crossing (Canal de Bertioga / SP) – 24 km – 2009 – 1st place in the category – 6h27m;
- Half Iron Porto Seguro – Year: 1994 or 1995;
- Because he wants to participate in the UB515: "For the challenge of the race and the particular challenge that these objects bring to our daily life, such as reconciling diversified activities, planning, determination, patience, financial organization, dreams and also inspired by challenges already carried out by other athletes in the more diverse sports, seeing how the human being can be fantastic. The search for new challenges, not necessarily related to distances ended up happening naturally as other challenges were being conquered and also as a way to vary and learn new sports modalities , as was the case with canoeing, mountain biking, which opened up new opportunities, in addition to social and new friendships. Over time, that is no longer small, since since the 80s when I started my walk in the world of sports , particularly Triathlon and swimming, I've been continuously putting challenges / bolder goals with distances and inclusions. new modalities. So, since 2006 with the realization of my first Ironman, this became an Ultraman, starting then to carry out running, swimming and cycling events in greater distances and close to those required in the Ultraman. So, in the opinion shared by the Sports Advisory (TOPSPORT) technicians, in terms of building a base over at least 20 years, I really believe that I already meet the conditions for the challenge posed and consciously the tests I have been doing have been forwarded for this. Here is a parenthesis that, if I am mistaken, Alexandre Ribeiro, when the possibility of bringing proof to the country was being verified. Regarding the aspect of why to participate in this event, in a more restricted and objective way, I believe that since it is in Brazil, this already facilitates the planning and training for participation, considering support, financial, climate, etc. issues. besides that, whenever possible, I like to collaborate with for the establishment of new races and modalities in Brazil, as recently, the participation in the Corta mato race. Concluding, from the experience, the desire to win challenges, strengthen sports competitions in Brazil and without presumption, who knows, maybe even serve as an example, I see, desire and long for my participation in this competition modality and it would be very good if this happened in my country. I would be grateful and very happy if I got the opportunity and the confidence to allow me to take the test."

UB2017 TERCEIRO DIA - Fred Alves.jpg

Fred Alves – 40 – Americana/SP/BRAZIL

- Ironman Brazil 2014;
- Ironman Brazil – Floripa – 2014;
- Ironman Brazil – Floripa – 2013;
- Ironman Brazil – Ironman Cozumel – 2012;
- Ironman Brazil 2011
- Ironman Brazil 2010
- Why do you want to participate in UB515: "I started cycling in 1989, at the cycling school in the city and in the 90's I participated in some long races such as around the coast of Paraná and back from Santa Catarina, and I ended up identifying myself with long races. I wish to participate for two reasons: for the encouragement and support of fellow triathlete Paulo Calil, who has already completed some Ultraman, and the second wish is to be able to participate alongside the legends I used to follow through Bicispont in the 90s, Alexandre Ribeiro and Sergio Cordeiro" .

PB Jacques UB515 2016.jpg

Jaques Correa de Almeida Junior – 39 years old – Vila Velha/ ES/ BRAZIL

- Ironman Brazil – 2015;
- During these three years, I made 6 Irons – 15 Half Irons;
- In 2014 I went to Rio de Janeiro by bike (alone). 1st Day 250 km, 3rd Day 100 km, I rested one day and did half a marathon in Rio;
- Because he wants to participate in the UB515: "I practice Ultradistance for the pleasure that the sport gives me, because at these distances, his main objective is to surpass himself and not compete with other people".

PB Denilson Freitas UB515 2016.jpg


- Why you want to participate in UB515: "My biggest reason and interest in participating in the Ultra Man Brasil UB 515 in 2015 is to celebrate 30 years of Triathlon in Grand Style by competing in the biggest Triathlon event in Brazil".

PB Livia Bustamante UB515 2016 - Copia.j


- Ironman World Championships 2013;
- Ironman Cozumel 2011;
- 10X Ironman finisher;
- L'Etape de Tour 2013;
- Adventure racing.
- Why do you want to participate in UB515: “Because I like to challenge myself, see how far my body can go. I believe the UB515 will be perfect for that.”

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